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Passion, ambition and the constant desire for perfection – qualities that have made Herberth Motorsport what it is today. As one of the top teams in motorsport, the crew from Jedenhofen has over the last two decades, celebrated one success after another. In particular, the Bavarians have always been successful in the Porsche one-make cups, their wins and titles in the Carrera Cup have made Herberth Motorsport an international name.

But despite all this success, one important quality has never disappeared – the company’s down-to-earth attitude. For those who know the twin brothers Robert and Alfred Renauer and their loyal team, this sense of harmony is most important. Herberth Motorsport stands for more than just a racing team, it is like a big family. “Every single one of us is a link in the chain”, says Alfred Renauer. “Whether driver, mechanic or engineer. Everybody plays his part in our success.”

The twin brothers put heart and soul into the management of their company. Both of them are motorsport enthusiasts and thus continue the tradition inherited from their father Alfred Herberth. In addition to their immense technological know-how, they are also renowned for their spectacular speed on the tarmac. Not surprisingly, they are regarded as ‘Germany’s fastest twins’!

Herberth Motorsport concentrates on national and international GT-Sport. The Jedenhofen company also services road vehicles.


The Herberth Motorsport team causes a sensation in German motorsport. In 1996, the racing team from Jedenhofen is at the start in the ADAC GT Cup.


Where’s this young team going? Into the first Porsche Carrera Cup season. The Herberth team achieved fourth place – a magnificent start in Germany’s fastest one-make-cup.


The Jedenhofen team is regularly flying high – but it’s usually on a flight to success! In both 1998…


… and the following year, the team becomes vice-champion in the German Porsche Carrera Cup. Alfred Herberth’s young drivers play an increasingly important role in the highly competitive championship.


With 121 points, Frank Stippler narrowly misses the championship title. He ends the first season of the new century as Carrera Cup vice-champion and later becomes a DTM driver.


Nicole Lütteke, the only female in the Carrera Cup ‘shark pool’, causes a stir. The fast and furious young blonde gathers a series of noticeable successes for the Herberth Motorsport team.


Herberth Motorsport goes point hunting with Frank “Schmicki” Schmickler and the youngster Daniel Bauer. However, the season becomes an emotional roller coaster ride.


Alfred Herberth felt especially proud, when he looked forward to the 2003 season. No wonder! Under the watchful eye of the team boss….


…. both sons Robert and Alfred start for the first time from the grid in the Porsche Carrera Cup.


The twins soon feel at home in the cockpit of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. They become increasingly faster and in virtually all races, they achieve the jump to the top positions.


Robert and Alfred Renauer have also been making an international name for themselves. Highlight of the 2005 season: Alfred’s victory at Road Atlanta.


This year stands under a lucky star for the Herberth crew. Alfred Herberth signs up Uwe Alzen for the tenth year Cup Jubilee. The former DTM pilot and colleague Dominik Schwager form an unbeatable team and secure the team classification title.


This season began where the last one left off – successfully! From the word go, Uwe Alzen is one of the fastest drivers in the field. After another turbulent season…


… he and the Herberth Motorsport team can pop the champagne corks. Alzen becomes champion with 129 championship points. The title in Germany’s most popular one-make-cup goes to Jedenhofen.


In addition to Uwe Alzen, Jörg Hardt starts for Alfred Herberth’s team. The man from Bonn very soon feels at ease with the Bavarians and wins two out of nine races.


Uwe Alzen and Robert Renauer are the driver duo of this 2010 season. The old-hand/youngster combination opens the door to success. Herberth Motorsport is vice-champion in the team rating.


This year, Alfred Herberth concentrates fully on the young Austrian Clemens Schmid and takes him under his wing. The junior talent runs up notable accomplishments.


Herbert Motorsport moves in another direction this season. He focuses on the ADAC GT Masters instead of the Porsche one-make-cups. The Bavarians are successful with three cars in the ‘Dream Sports Car League’.


The GT Masters Weekend at the end of August on the Lausitzring will remain in the memories of all fans. It’s Alfred Herbeth’s last race as team boss of Herberth Motorsport. On the 7th September, Herberth dies in a road accident in Italy. He is only 55…


… but the Herberth Motorsport philosophy lives on. Sons Robert and Alfred become team managers and in 2013, they run two Porsche 911 GT3 R in the ADAC GT Masters.


Their success speaks for itself: Robert Renauer wins the Lausitzring race and fights for the title, race after race. Finally, he and the TONINO Team Herberth can celebrate the vice-championship.


The ADAC GT Masters is high on the Herberth Motorsport 2014 agenda again. The team starts with three cars in the ‘Dream Sports Car League’.

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Motorsport requires top performance from man and machine. To ensure correct function, all components must be completely reliable. This is where PRECOTE plays an important role. PRECOTE is a lacquer-type coating for all kinds of threads. Despite enormous forces during racing, the car screw fittings are vibration resistant and reliably sealed. Herberth Motorsport and PRECOTE look back on a long cooperation. “The race track enables us to extend our research department”, says Heinrich Kuhn-Weiss, PRECOTE’s managing director. “The knowledge acquired in motorsport flows directly into the development of new products.”

For more information see: www.precote.com


Cheers at the end of the year rely not only on fast racing drivers and good mechanics. The perfect external profile of a racing team is absolutely necessary for success. This is why Herberth Motorsportrelies on TONINO Motorsport. The young agency from Icking specializes in motorsport marketing and Alexander Weinhart’s team plays a significant role in the ADAC GT Masters participation. TONINO Motorsport is responsible for Herberth Motorsport sponsors and develops individual sponsoring concepts with the company. “Racing is pure emotion”, Weinhart sums up. “As I see it, there couldn’t be a more satisfying way of presenting ourselves.”


For more information see: www.tonino-motorsport.de


Herberth Motorsport’s cooperation with the team from GT3 Kasko is founded on trust, when its cars race in the Porsche Carrera Cup and the Porsche Sports Cup. Christoph Schrezenmeier’s firm is an established name in amateur sport. The GT3 Kasko crew is in charge of team management, Herberth Motorsport is responsible for the technical car maintenance. Schrezenmeier is one of the leading insurance service providers. The Porsche Cups, the VLN or the ADAC GT Masters are only some of the numerous fields they work in. Christoph Schrezenmeier is full of praise for the Jedenhofen racing team and says, “Herberth Motorsport stands for quality and trustworthiness.”

For more information see: www.gt3-kasko.de


Modern, functional and attractive: these qualities are what the Herberth Motorsport team require from their team wear. Sterflinger Textilveredelung equips our employees with the necessary clothing. It must satisfy our crew’s special needs on race circuits in the whole of Europe. Whether insunshine on the North Sea coast at Zandvoort or during the capricious weather conditions at Nürburgring, Herberth Motorsport team wear must look good and feel comfortable. Daniel Sterflinger explains, “Car racing demands more from an outfit, than any other sport.” The SterflingerTextilveredelung managing director continues: “This is the ideal platform for presenting our firm’s products.”

For more information see: www.sterflinger.com

just authentic GmbH

Just authentic GmbH is Tonino Team Herberth’s official media partner. The company’s two directors Markus Findeisen and Markus Plützer are responsible for public relations and the team’s website. One of just authentic GmbH’s main priorities, is effectively making the team partners available to thepublic. The company issues the fan magazine “TONINO News” and creates posters and autograph cards.

For more information see: www.justauthentic.de


CUMAPERA is a young German brand, which has committed itself to developing products to meet the highest standards in motorsport, based on practical functionality and also the availability of individually designed pockets. In accordance with the firm’s philosophy “be YOU, be UNIQUE, be CUMAPERA”, life without this brand is unthinkable for racing sport teams and drivers. And indeed for Herberth Motorsport. “CUMAPERA plays an important role in our work”, Robert Renauer explains. The Bavarian managing director and racing driver very much appreciates CUMAPERA quality. “The equipment is adapted perfectly to our needs. I simply feel comfortable in my racing car, when I’m wearing a CUMAPERA racing suit.”

For more information see: www.cumapera.com


Quality, reliability and the highest possible level of customer orientation. These are the B+T Group’sdistinguishing features. To ensure continual development in standards, the firm focuses on selected partners. Many years of experience and a maximum in qualification are just some of its skills. We can therefore accept any challenge to help our customers. The results speak for themselves: minimal client outlay, clearly defined costs and maximal disposal reliability.


Grinding work and abrasives are to be found in almost all craft and industrial firms. High-quality abrasives fulfil the high technical requirements. The market requires precise and first-class results in this field and the production process is an important part of the supply chain. Last but not least, itdecides the quality of the final product. JÖST abrasives GmbH produce and sell grinding discs,
abrasive belts and nearly all accessories needed for demanding grinding operations in craft and industry.


The Porsche Centre Olympia Park is the home of one of the world’s largest Porsche dealers. The complete Porsche model range is on display in state-of-the-art showrooms covering over 4.000 square metres. 60 highly motivated and qualified employees are constantly available for over 80 Porsche new and second-hand cars. The Porsche Centre Olympia Park has been cooperating with Herberth Motorsport’s traditional team from Jedenhofen since the very beginning.